Hi, I’m Ray.

I’m Toronto based photographer, offering services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Please inquire.

My story

I acquired my first semi-professional photo and video equipment after experiencing world shaking events in New York City in 2001, with intention to immortalize the world around me.

While working for a major advertising agency and building industry leading websites in Toronto, I also got involved in producing a multicultural community TV show at Rogers Cable Network which ran for two consecutive years.

In 2005 I moved back to Europe. There I managed a boutique multi-media business, catering to local entertainment industries.

Upon returning to Toronto in 2017, PimPim and Datajo were born as two of my professional passions: creating memorable photos and videos as well as building user friendly websites.

Currently I’m also rediscovering film photography and can offer unique look using a variety of vintage photography gear.